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Office of Student Affairs


Office of Student Affairs


Health Center     Military Education and Student Safety Division    Student Dormitory Division   Student Discipline Division


  The college motto, “Fraternity”, is the core value and aim of school operations. Our mission is to nurture whizz-kids, to pursue excellence, and to serve society. Additionally, we state our educational objectives as containing the features of care, service, and creation to cultivate practical professionals. Based on the core values mentioned above, the essential jobs in our Office of Student Affairs are as follows:

  1. Assist out students in school affairs and school guidance work
  2. Offer appropriate assistance and guidance
  3. Strengthen homeroom teachers’ duty.


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There are ten divisions in the Office of Student Affairs, including the Military Education and Student Safety Division, the Student Service Division, the Extracurricular Division, the Health Center, the Physical Education Division, the Student Dormitory Division, the Employment Service Division, the and Counseling Center.